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Minor in Computer Science Teaching

Because computing permeates nearly every profession, and there is high demand for computer science education, a minor in Computer Science Teaching is ideal for almost any major. Computer knowledge, teaching experiences, and skills can enhance employment opportunities for almost any major.

You must take at least 19 credits of Computer Science (CS) courses (effective 2018-2019 academic year) and at least 1 credit of Secondary Education (SCED) Clinical Experience to earn your minor degree in Computer Science Teaching. Credit hours from courses offered outside of the CS Department and/or from CS 1400 taken as Challenge by Exam cannot be counted towards a CS Teaching minor.

For CS 1400 only, the CS department provides a Challenge by Exam option to students who feel that they have already attained mastery of the learning objectives associated with CS 1400. Details about the challenging an exam here. Passing CS 1400 with the Challenge by Exam option does fulfill the prerequisite for CS 1410.

Minor Requirements in the USU Catalog

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