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Course Challenge by Examination

If a student feels that s/he has already attained mastery of the learning objectives associated with CS 1400, s/he may petition the department to allow a challenge by examination of CS 1400. The following policies and procedures will be applied to challenges by examination:
  • The student first requests to take a challenge examination by emailing Cora Price ( using "CS 1400 Challenge Examination" as the subject.
  • Upon receipt of the request, the department will determine if there is a qualified faculty member willing to prepare and grade an examination.
  • If there is a faculty member available for the examination, the student will be instructed to contact that individual.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to show to the faculty member (examiner) that s/he has sufficient background in the course subject matter to have a reasonable likelihood of passing the exam.
  • Within ten working days of receiving approval by the examiner to take the challenge exam, the student must pay the required fee to the CS Department. Payment may be made, with check or exact cash only, at the CS Department office (Old Main 414). Sorry, we cannot accept debit, credit, or Aggie Express cards at the CS office.
  • The student will then be allowed to schedule with the examiner and Cora Price to take the exam.


  1. Only an instructor who is currently teaching the course or who has taught the course within the last two years, and is willing to do so may make up the examination.
  2. The instructor giving the examination is responsible for assigning the grade (A-F).
  3. The CS Department's fee for a challenge by examination is $50. Of this, $25 will be given to the instructor for preparation and grading of the examination.
  4. The Registrar's Office will charge an additional $40 fee to have the course recorded.
  5. Students are only allowed to challenge CS 1400.