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This page contains a short list of possible resources for those interested or currently involved in Computer Science.

The information contained on these pages is in no way representative of the views or ideals of the Department of Computer Science or Utah State University. It is the sole responsibility of the webpage owner/operator.

Special Equipment & Facilities

The Computer Science Department at USU provides students with a wide assortment of up -to-date equipment to support all aspects of the computer science education. There are a variety of microcomputers and work stations.There are labs with the associated hardware and software for research in parallel processing, neural networks, image processing, pattern recognition, signal processing, artificial intelligence, and graphics.

The informational resource for users and developers using Linux. Provides links to different distributions, tools and tutorials.

Local GNU/Linux Downloads

This server mirrors several GNU/Linux distributions for the USU community. This and other software may be obtained for $1 by emailing For other Linux distros visit

USU Bookstore - Textbooks

A direct link to the textbooks section on the USU Bookstore Website.