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Maintaining Good Standing

Graduate students must be careful to maintain good standing with the Department of Computer Science. Failure to do so will cause a student to be dismissed from his or her degree program. There are several factors used in determining a student’s standing like grade point average, academic honesty, timely completion of placement requirements, continuous registration and consistent progress in research.

Students may be under other obligations due to their visa status or award of a fellowship, tuition waiver or remission, or a graduate assistantship. Such students should check with the Office of International Students and Scholars or with the School of Graduate Studies for more information.

Specific Rule

Computer Science Graduate Student GPA, Minimum Grade, and Repeat Policies


PhD Graduate Student

All Courses on program of study


All 5000-level and above CS classes


All courses taken as a CS graduate student


Minimum grade on POS


Maximum number courses with grade below B- on POS


Course repeat maximum


  • Academic Honesty: Any student found in violation of the Department’s academic honesty policy may be dismissed from his or her degree program
  • Continuous Registration: Graduate students need to be registered for at least three credits during the Fall and Spring semesters of each year of their degree programs. Those who have completed all the courses listed on their Program of Studies should register for Continuing Graduate Advisement (CS 7990) in order to cover the cost of their use of University facilities and faculty time. This can be done by paying just the in-state tuition for the course. Graduate students who do not use any University facilities and do not consume faculty time (including telephone conversations and exchange of e-mail) may choose instead to pay the School of Graduate Studies a small continuing registration fee. However, it is difficult for such students to display consistent progress in research (see below) while having no contact with their advisors.
  • Consistent Progress in Research: All PhD students are required to conduct research leading to a dissertation. Some students experience difficulty in making consistent and timely progress in this research and in writing their dissertations, theses, or reports. Not only does this make their work harder, but their advisors and other students may be depending on them to finish their work rapidly. A student’s advisor and the Department Head may, in consultation, decide that a graduate student is not making consistent progress in research, and may decide to dismiss the student from his or her degree program. A student who has been registered for ( or should have been registered for) 3 or more semesters (12 months) of CS7990 is expected to be ready to defend his or her dissertation/thesis/report. If, after such a period, significant progress toward completion is not shown, the student will be terminated in the program.