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MS Distance Program

USU's Distance Education program is an interactive broadcast program. Computer Science classes are taught by regular USU Computer Science faculty in a Logan classroom. Classes are broadcast live to USU's Regional Campus sites throughout Utah so that you can particpate in real time.

The tentative two-year teaching schedule is listed below.  This teaching schedule will be repeated every two years.  All courses will be offered as a single lecture of 2.5 hours per week at night starting 5:15 p.m.

Summer Semester - Even Years (beginning 2018):

CS 5660 Bioinformatics I

CS 6xxx or CS 7xxx Special Topics in Computer Science


Fall Semester - Even Years (beginning 2018):

CS 7150 Computational Complexity

CS 5665 Introduction to Data Science


Spring Semester - Odd Years (beginning 2019):

CS 5110/CS 6110 MultiAgent Systems

CS 5410 Game Development


Summer Semester - Odd Years (beginning 2019):

CS 6400 Computer Graphics II
*CS 5400 is not required for taking this class. The updated prerequisite of CS 6400 is Enrollment in CS master’s or PhD program; or instructor permission.

CS 6890/CS 7890 Special Topics in Software Systems


Fall Semester - Odd Years (beginning 2019):

CS 5460 Computer Security I

CS 5600/CS 6600 Intelligent Systems


Spring Semester - Even Years (beginning 2020)

CS 6050/CS 7050 Computational Geometry: Algorithms and Applications

CS 5500 Parallel Programming


While working out your curriculum, it is important to work closely with the CS Department's Academic Advisor for grad students - Curtis Dyreson ( or GPC - Kaitlyn Fjeldsted (