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Placement Requirements

Students conditionally admitted to a Computer Science graduate program must meet the algorithms placement requirement before they may be fully admitted to their graduate program. Conditionally admitted students must complete the Data Structures and Algorithms exam within one month of accepting the Offer of Admission sent by the School of Graduate Studies. Conditionally admitted students may not apply for assistantship funding until they have either 1) passed the Algorithms and Data Structures Exam or 2) completed the prerequisite courses.

Conditionally admitted students must pass the Algorithms and Data Structures exam with a 70% or higher and will be allowed to take the exam a maximum of one time. If students do not pass the Algorithms and Data Structures exam on the first try, they will be required to complete CS 1400, CS 1410, and CS 2420 with a B- or better. The exam is 180 minutes, with 37 questions and will be proctored by Proctorio. The exam questions are primarily multiple choice, but there are a few short answer questions. Any cheating caught by Proctorio will result in being denied acceptance into Graduate Programs of the Computer Science department at Utah State University.

To facilitate studying for the exam the department has provided the following study materials:
          Algorithms and Data Structures Study Guide
          An Algorithms and Data Structures practice quiz is available in Canvas.
          Contact with any questions.