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Placement Requirements

All on campus MS/CS students must meet the algorithms placement requirement by the end of their first year or they will be terminated from the CS program. In order to be eligible for departmental funded employment they must meet this requirement by the end of their first semester.

Distance Ed Students must pass the algorithms placement exam before they can submit a Program of Study

A student can meet the algorithms placement requirement by Passing CS 2420 or CS 5050 with a B- or better.

Show completion of course work from another ABET accredited college or university equivalent to the department algorithms placement courses with a grade of B- or better. Pass the algorithms placement exam on the first try.

A student will be allowed to take the algorithms placement exam a maximum of two times. If they pass the test on the first try they can take CS 5050 if they desire. If they pass it on the second try, they must take CS 5050 or CS 2420. If they do not pass the test on the second try they must take CS 2420.

To facilitate studying for the exam the department has provided the following study materials:
          Algorithms and Data Structures Study Guide
          An Algorithms and Data Structures practice quiz is available in Canvas.
          Contact to get access to the practice quiz.