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Department Highlights

  • Individual attention from faculty who care about students’ success
  • Courses addressing leading-edge topics and providing hands-on experiences
  • Opportunities to work as research assistants and teaching assistants
  • Reasonable tuition and living costs
  • A beautiful campus and wonderful community, away from the congestion of big cities

Learn more about our department's research areas

M.S. in Data Science (Starting in Fall 2019)

Required Course Credits: 24 credits Elective Course Credits: 6 or 7 credits
CS5800: Introduction to Database Systems CS6250: Cooperative Work Experiences
CS6800: Advanced Database Systems CS6600: Advanced Intelligent Systems
CS5665: Introduction to Data Science CS6680: Computer Vision
CS6665: Data Mining CS6890: Special Topics in Data Science
CS6675: Advanced Data Science and Mining STAT5810: Introduction to Statistical Computing
CS5680/CS6830: Data Science Incubator STAT6550: Statistical Computing
CS6970: Thesis and Research STAT6650: Statistical Learning

Sample Theses/Dissertations

M.S Theses:

  • Word Recognition in Nutrition Labels with Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Modeling De Novo Granulation of Anaerobic Sludge
  • Translating Temporal SQL to Nested SQL
  • Real-Time Vision-Based Lane Detection with 1D HAAR Wavelet Transform on Raspberry Pi
  • Accelerometer-Based Human Activity Classification Using Decision Tree

Ph.D. Dissertations:

  • Estimating Accuracy of Personal Identifiable Information in Integrated Data Systems
  • Geometric Facility Locations Problems on Uncertain Data
  • Vision Based Extraction of Nutrition Information from Skewed Nutrition Labels
  • Computational Models of Intracellular and Intercellular Processing in Developmental Biology
  • Face Recognition Under Varying Illuminations