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The Department of Computer Science encourages its students to become involved in organizations to improve their knowledge of computer science.

Organizations such as ACM, ACM-W and FSLC all have local chapters to increase the knowledge of their respective members.

Other national organizations such as OSG, IEEE and AACE are encouraged to set up local chapters to increase the understanding of computer science at Utah State.

The Department of Computer Science offers as much help and support as needed for these organizations to aid in their learning and activities.


Free Software and GNU/Linux Club (FSLC) is a community of professionals and students that love computing and strive for a better computing world.

Contact the club for more information.


HackUSU is bringing the hacker culture to our campus, community, and state through hackathons and other events.

Contact HackUSU here

Parker Bywater, Co-President
Hassan Alrebh, Co-President
Emma Jacobson, Co-President

Software Development Workshop

The Software Development Workshop is a student-led organization that discusses tools and techniques students can use to increase the quality of their code. They meet every other week. 
Contact Hunter Henrichsen or join their Discord Server for more information.


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) is a national organization which promotes computer machinery at USU.

Contact ACM Club
Contact Dean Mathias, Advisor