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USU Computer Science Faculty Research Interests

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Computer Science GPC Kaitlyn Fjeldsted

Kaitlyn Fjeldsted

Phone: (435) 797-0778


Degrees and Programs

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Dr. Mahdi Nasrullah Al-Ameen

Mahdi Nasrullah Al-Ameen

Research Interests

Human Factors in Privacy and Security, Human-Computer Interaction, Human-Centered Design, Using Technology to Assist Marginalized Populations in Developing Communities

Dr. Vicki Allan

Vicki Allan

Research Interests

MultiAgent Systems, Outreach

Dr. Heng-Da Cheng

Heng-Da Cheng

Research Interests

Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Uncertainty and Logics

Dr. Heng-Da Cheng

Issac Cho

Research Interests

Visual Analytics, Information/Scientific Visualization, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 3D User Interface, Human-Computer Interaction

Dr. Stephen Clyde

Stephen Clyde

Emeritus Associate Professor

Research Interests

Software Engineering, Distributed Systems, Data Integration

Dr. Curtis Dyreson

Curtis Dyreson

Research Interests

Databases, Software Systems

Dr. John Edwards

John Edwards

Research Interests

Geometric Modeling, Simulation, Scientific Visualization

Dr. Nicholas Flann

Nicholas Flann

Research Interests

Intelligent Systems, Smart Energy Technologies, Computational Biology, Bioinformatics

Dr. Vladimir Kulyukin

Vladimir Kulyukin

Research Interests

Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Xiaojun Qi

Xiaojun Qi

Research Interests

Image Processing, Machine Learning, Computer Vision

Dr. Haito Wang

Haito Wang

Research Interests

Computational Geometry, Algorithms and Data Structures, Theoretical Computer Science

Dr. Dan Watson

Dan Watson

Research Interests

Algorithms for Massive Parallel Processors, Parallel Systems

Dr. Shuhan Yuan

Shuhan Yuan

Research Interests

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing

Dr. Rakesh Kaundal

Rakesh Kaundal

Graduate Faculty

Research Interests