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Policies and Forms

Code of Conduct for Computer Science Classes
Read this important message from our Department Head.

USU's Registrar's Office
Forms you need to change your major, petition for a late add, block directory information, request waivers, and make other requests.

Graduate Student Forms

  • Master's Proposal Approval Form
  • Committee Form for Plan A and B and PhD Students
  • Program of Study (MS and PhD)
  • Change Program of Study (MS and PhD)
  • Appointment for Examination Plan A, B, and PhD
  • Application for Candidacy
  • Record of Examination
  • Publication Guide
  • Copyright Form
  • Authorship Form
  • Thesis/Dissertation Format and Style Guide
  • Electronic Thesis/Dissertation Form
  • Theses/Dissertation Embargo Form
Committee Form for Plan C - See Kaitlyn Fjeldsted

Get help building your thesis or dissertation in LaTeX

How to use Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.'s LaTeX template package
Get ECE's LaTeX example distribution package

International Graduate Students doing CPT must submit 2 forms
(OGE and CS Dept.)

Office of Glogal Engagement's CPT Form

The Computer Science Department administers one open-access lab and a Tutor Lab for CS students. Please check the locations, times and policies below. 

Lab Policies

Locations, hours, and policies concerning the open access computer lab run by the Computer Science Department.

Lab Safety

Links concerning safety rules in labs.

Coaching Policies

Location, hours, and policies concerning the free coaches available for students taking Computer Science courses.

Cheating Policy

The Computer Science Department's policy on cheating.

Co-op Policy

Information about policies pertaining to co-op courses (CS2250, CS4250 and CS6250).

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Policy

Information about the Curricular Practical Training program.


CS Dept's CPT Forms -CS 2250, CS 4250, or CS 6250 | Cooperative Work Experience

Computer Science Co-operative Education Registration

  1. This form must be filled out completely and the submitted form will be forwarded to Dr. Dyreson (internship director) and Myra Brown (undergraduate advisor) for processing. The salary information is required on a Federal report we must file.
  2. All students who take this class must prepare a poster that provides an overview of their experience gained during the internship, however, you are not required to print the poster. A PPT schema for the poster or a Google Slides schema can be downloaded and modified with your picture and information about your internship.
  3. Submit your completed poster as a PDF. For examples of completed posters, see the posters in the lobbies throughout the 4th floor of Old Main.
  4. CS 4250 will be a letter grade unless otherwise changed. CS 6250 must be a Pass or Fail.
  5. If it is impossible to contact the work supervisor by the last day of the final exam week, a grade of F will be submitted.
  6. Generally, a student may register for one credit for each five hours a week of work that provides educational growth.However, only 3 credits can be used towards your degree.
  7. Grades will be strongly influenced both by accomplishments and by the supervisor’s evaluation of skills and work habits.
  8. If you have any questions concerning the suitability of your planned internship email Dr. Dyreson.
  9. If you need advising help in integrating the internship into your program email Myra Brown.

Privacy Notice


Form for CS 4950, CS 5950, CS 6950, or CS 7950

Undergraduate Research / Independent Study / Reading & Reports

  1. This form MUST be completed before registration will be allowed. Students not completing the form prior to registration will be dropped from the registration roster.
  2. All work MUST be completed by the end of the semester. Incomplete grades will only be given after demonstrating needs according to University policy.
  3. Generally, Undergraduate/Graduate Research involves study and mastery of a body of advanced material, which is NOT offered in any of our current courses.
  4. Your report should be adequate to show your mastery of the material studied. This class can only be taken for three credits at a time. MS students and PhD students with a prior MS are only allowed to include three credits on their POS. PhD students without an MS are only allowed to take six credits.

Privacy Notice