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Dr. Vicki H. Allan

Associate Professor

Office Phone # (435) 797-2022
Location : Old Main 429

Dr. Vicki Allan does research in MultiAgent systems and outreach. 
Recent projects include
a) Reinforcement learning to generate buy/sell signals for
        currency pair  trading.
b) Algorithmic stock trading algorithms
c) Manipulation in Weighted Voting Games
d) Stochastic path planning for a smart city.
e) Recommendation based trust decision making
f) The role of mentoring as a way to increase girls’
       participation in computer science
g) Integrating computing in the classroom using eTextiles

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Andrew Brim

Andrew Brim


Office Phone # (435) 797-0643
Location : Old Main 401E

Machine Learning
Stock Market Trading
Financial Trading Technology

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Dr.Heng-Da Cheng

Dr. Heng-Da Cheng


Office Phone # (435) 797-2054
Location : Old Main 401B

CVPRIPAI (Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition,
Image Processing & Artificial Intelligence) theories and applications
Uncertainty and Logics

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Dr. Stephen W. Clyde

Associate Professor

Office Phone #: (435) 797-2307
Location: Old Main 418


Software engineering

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Dr.Curtis Dyreson

Dr. Curtis Dyreson

Associate Professor
Graduate Advisor

Office Phone # (435) 797-0742 
Location : Old Main 402A

Software Systems.

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picture of Erik Falor

Erik Falor


Office Phone # (435) 797-4118
Location: Old Main 421

Programming Languages,
Operating Systems, 

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Dr.Nicholas Flann

Dr. Nicholas Flann

Associate Professor

Office Phone # (435) 797-2432
Location : Old Main 402C

Computational Biology,
Intelligent Systems.

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 Doug Galarus picture

Dr. Douglas Galarus

Assistant Professor

Office Phone# (435) 797-4136
Location: Old Main 401D

Data Science & Systems
Data Quality
Spatio-Temporal Data
Intelligent Transportation Systems

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Dr.Amanda Lee Hughes

Dr. Amanda Lee Hughes

Assistant Professor

Office Phone # (435) 797-3671
Location : Old Main 401F

My research interests span human-computer interaction,
computer-supported cooperative work, social computing,
software engineering, and disaster studies. My current
work investigates the use of information communication
technology during crises and mass emergencies with
particular attention to how social media affect emergency
response organizations.

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Dr. Minghui Jiang

Associate Professor

Office Phone # (435) 797-0347
Location : Old Main 402G

Discrete and Computational Geometry
Discrete Mathematics
Theoretical Computer Science
Parameterized Complexity
Approximation Algorithms
Competitive Programming

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Dr.Vladimir Kulyukin

Dr. Vladimir Kulyukin

Associate Professor

Office Phone # (435) 797-1000
Location : Old Main 402D

Wavelet Algorithms, Sensor Fusion,
Biosensors, AI, CV, AT

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Chad Mano

Dr. Chad Mano


Office Phone # (435) 797-5794
Location : Old Main 435

Computer Security

 dean mathias

Dr. Dean Mathias


Office Phone # (435) 797-4458
Location : Old Main 426


Distributed Systems, Computer Games

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Xiaojun Qi's picture

Dr. Xiaojun Qi

Interim Department Head

Office Phone # (435)797-8155
Location : Old Main 401A

Image Processing
Machine Learning
Computer Vision

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Dr. Ming Li

Dr. Haitao Wang

Assistant Professor

Office Phone # (435) 797-2416
Location : Old Main 402F

Computational Geometry
Algorithms and Data Structures
Theoretical Computer Science

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Dan Watson - Sept 17 updated

Dr. Dan Watson

Associate Professor

Office Phone # (435) 797-2440
Location : Old Main 402B

Parallel and Distributed Algorithms

Dr. Watson is a researcher in the area of algorithms
for massively parallel processors.  Recently, his work
has included implementation of a virtual tile approach
to raster-based calculations of large digital elevation
models in a shared-memory system.

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Dr. Bryan Hansen


Office Phone # (435) 713-3080

brandon holdaway

Brandon Holdaway




Seth Humphries

435) 713-3639


Aaron Kay



Kenneth Sundberg

Adjunct Professor
435) 713-3487