NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)
Summer 2010 - Computer Vision and Multi-Agent Systems
Department of Computer Science, Utah State University

Stephen Adams


  Stephen Adams


  Computer Science


  University of Minnesota: Morris

  Home Town:

  International Falls, MN

About Me

I finished my second year at the University of Minnesota: Morris.
This summer I did a lot of rock climbing and running. Logan is a beautiful area and I'm glad I got to spend a summer there.


This summer I attempted to improve upon a content based image retrieval system. The particular system I worked on used two different learning methods. Modifying these learning methods was the focus of my work this summer.


I had some success this summer. My system achieved a precision of 94%. You can read my final paper or final presentation for more details.

Feel free to write me at: adams601[AT]morris.umn.edu