NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)
Summer 2010 - Computer Vision and Multi-Agent Systems
Department of Computer Science, Utah State University

Matthew Clark


  Matthew Clark


  Computer Science


  University of Portland

  Home Town:

  Concord, California

About Me

I am a fourth year computer science major from University of Portland and come from the Golden State of California. I am on my computer for hours and hours, just like every CS major, and this is probably unhealthy.

I have a daughter, scarlett whom I love to spend as much time with as possible, though this does not happen due to being in a different state most of the time.


I spent my summer working on a genetic algorithm Content Based Image Retrieval system. I based my work off: Concept Learning by Fuzzy k-NN Classification and Relevance Feedback for Efficient Image Retrieval. I applied fuzzy-k methods and longer learning to achieve better results than otherwise possible with my implementation, and to avoid convergence.


I proposed several result vectors that did not perform as well as the paper because we did use the same features as the original paper, however I improved efficiency and space requirements. More in depth results can be found in my final presentation or final project.

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