NSF Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)
Summer 2010 - Computer Vision and Multi-Agent Systems
Department of Computer Science, Utah State University

Benjamin Tyler


  Ben Tyler


  Computer Science & Physics


  Lake Forest College

  Home Town:

  Salt Lake City, UT

About Me

I am a fourth year Computer Science and Physics dual major at Lake Forest College. I'm from Salt Lake originally but for some reason wound up in Chicago for college.

Working in Logan provided a nice balance for me as I could enjoy the small town atmosphere and living in Logan, while still being able to visit my family.

While small Logan had more than enough activites to keep me busy. I was even able to find a martial arts dojo close to campus where I could practice.


This summer I worked with steganography or the practice of hiding messages in Images. My project centered around determining new ways to detect these embedded messages. I worked primarily with the research done by Jessica Fridrich in Feature-Based Steganalysis for JPEG Images and its Implications for Future Design of Steganographic Schemes where the detection of embedded data is driven by 23 featrures extracted from the image. I created 66 new features and test their effectiveness in detecting embedded messages.


I developed two new types of features. Features based off the patterns of noise in the image, and features based on approximating the quantiezed DCT histogram of the image. When I combined the noise features with the original 23 features i was able to improve the detection of embedded messages by ~9%

More in depth results can be found in my final presentation or final project.

Feel free to write me at: tylerbw at lakeforest.edu