REU Site Program in CVMA (Computer Vision and Multi-Agent Systems)

Summer 2010 (June 1, 2010 -- August 6, 2010)
Old Main 406

Phone: (435)797-8155
Office: Main 401C
Lab Assistants: Ran Chang (Email:

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Participants' Website

Here is the website for our ten REU participants.

Course Topics

06/01/2010 (Tuesday)
1. Digital Image Fundamentals (Class Notes, Larger Version)
1.1 Some Basic Concepts (Resolution, Pixel, Gray Level Intensity, Histogram, Color Space)
1.2 Color Features
1.3 Texture Features
1.4 Shape Features

2. Basic (Low-Level) Digital Image Processing in the Spatial Domain: Enhancement (Class Notes, Larger Version)
2.1 Point Processing: Power-Law Transform, Piecewise Linear Transform, and Histogram Equalization
2.2 Some Important Statistical Concepts
2.3 Mask Processing: Filtering and Convolution, Smoothing, Order Statistics, and Sharpening Spatial Filtering

06/02/2010 (Wednesday)
3. Basic (Low-Level) Digital Image Processing in the Frequency Domain (Class Notes, Larger Version)
3.1 Discrete Fourier Transform
3.2 Discrete Wavelet Transform
3.3 Discrete Cosine Transform

06/03/2010 (Thursday)
4. Advanced (Mid-Level) Digital Image Processing in the Spatial Domain: Morphological Operations (Class Notes, Larger Version)
4.1 Binary Dilation and Erosion
4.2 Binary Opening and Closing
4.3 Grayscale Dilation and Erosion
4.4 Grayscale Opening and Closing

06/04/2010 (Friday)
5. Advanced (High-Level) Digital Image Processing and Others (Class Notes, Larger Version)
5.1 Basic Image Segmentation Strategies and Data Structures
5.2 Segmentation Algorithms Overview (Region Growing, Region Splitting, Region Merging)
5.3 K-Means Algorithm Based Segmentation

6. Basic Concepts of Pattern Recognition and Feature Selections (Class Notes, Larger Version)

06/07/2010 (Monday)
7. Pattern Recognition Techniques (Class Notes, Larger Version)
7.1 Neural Networks (Tutorial)
7.2 Support Vector Machines
7.3 Hidden Markov Model (Tutorial)
7.4 Linear Discriminant Analysis

06/08/2009 (Tuesday)
8. Project Explanation (Class Notes, Larger Version)
8.1 Semantic-Based CBIR (Content-Based Image Retrieval) Class Notes
8.2 Image Forensic and Authentication
8.3 Object Detection (Fire and Flame Detection, Barcode Reader, etc.)


1. Lab 1: Matlab Warm-up Exercises (Pepper Image)
2. Lab 2: Image Enhancement in the Spatial Domain (Food Image)
3. Lab 3: Filter Techniques in the Spatial Domain (Circuit Image, Moon Image)
4. Lab 4: Filter Techniques in Frequency Domain (Lena Image,Sample Image, Boy Image)
5. Lab 5: Morphological Operations (City Image, Small Squares Image, Wire Bound Image, Shapes Image, Dowels Image)
6. Lab 6: Color Image Processing and Two Mini Projects (Ball Image, Elephant 1, Elephant 2, Horse 1, Horse 2)
7. Lab 7 : Pattern Recognition

Reading Materials for Three Computer Vision Projects

Please read one of your interested papers, and write a short report to address each item listed in the Reading Assigment

1. Semantic-Based CBIR (Content-Based Image Retrieval)

   Preferred Papers Using Long-Term Learning:
1. (Paper Link) A New Framework of Relevance Feedback for Content-Free Image Retrieval, Int. Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing, 2008.
2. Stephen Adams (Paper Link) Image Retrieval with Long-Term Memory Learning and Short-Term Relevance Feedback, Int. Conf. on Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing, 2007.
3. (Paper Link) Long-Term Cross-Session Relevance Feedback Using Virtual Features, IEEE Trans. on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2008.
4. Matthew Clark (Paper Link) Concept Learning by Fuzzy k-NN Classification and Relevance Feedback for Efficient Image Retrieval, Expert Systems with Applications, 2009.
5. Robert Qualls ( Paper Link) Long-term Learning of Semantic Grouping from Relevance Feedback, Int. Conf. on Multimedia Information Retrieval, 2004.

    Optional Papers Using Long-Term Learning:
1. (Paper Link) A Long-term Learning Algorithm in CBIR based on Log-Analyzing, Proc. of Int. Conf. on Management and Service Science, 2009.
2. (Paper Link) Construction of User Preference Profile in a Personalized Image Retrieval, IEEE Int. Conf. on Neural Networks & Signal Processing, 2008.
3. (Paper Link) A Short Term and Long Term Learning Based on Fuzzy Transaction Repository and Feature Re-Weighting, Int. Conf. on Intelligent Computer Communication and Processing, 2008.

    Preferred Papers Using Manifold Techniques
1. (Paper Link)Image Retrieval Based on Manifold Learning and Incorporate Clustering, WRI Global Congress on Intelligent Systems, 2009.
2.(Paper Link) Biased Discriminant Euclidean Embedding for Content-Based Image Retrieval, IEEE Trans. on Image Processing, 2010.
3. (Paper Link) Diversitying Image Retrieval by Affinity Propagation Clustering on Visual Manifolds, IEEE Multimedia, 2009.
    Optional Papers Using Manifold Technqiues
1. (Paper Link) Iterative Locality Preserving Projection for Image Retrieval, the fourth Int. Conf. on Image and Graphics, 2007.
2. (Paper Link) Fast Manifold-Ranking for Content-Based Image Retrieval, Proc. of Int. Colloquium on Computing, Communication, Control, and Management, 2009.
3. (Paper Link) Correlated Probabilistic Label Propagation for Region-Based Image Retrieval, Proc. of ICASSP (Int. Conf. on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing), 2007.
    Papers on Shape Retrieval
1. (Paper Link) Shape Retrieval using Triangle-Area Representation and Dynamic Space Warping, Pattern Recognition, 2007.
2. (Paper Link) Fast Correspondence-Based System for Shape Retrieval, Pattern Recognition Letters, 2004.


2. Image Forensic and Authentication

    Papers on Image Forensics:
    Preferred Papers:
1. (Paper Link) Digital Image Forensics via Intrinsic Fingerprints, IEEE Trans. on Information Forensics and Security, 2008.
2. (Paper Link) Digital Image Source Coder Forensics vis Intrinsic Fingerprints, IEEE Trans. on Information Forensics and Security, 2009.
3. Ben Tyler ( Paper Link) Feature-Based Steganalysis for JPEG Images and its Implications for Future Design of Steganographic Schemes, 6th Information Hiding Workshop, 2004.
4. David Isele (Paper Link) Exposing Digital Forgeries in Complex Lighting Environments, IEEE Trans. on Information Forensics and Security, 2007.
    Optional Papers:
1. (Paper Link) Face Verification using Templating Matching, IEEE Trans. on Information Forensics and Security, 2007.

    Papers on Image Authentication (Robust Watermarking):
    Preferred Papers
1. (Paper Link) A New Digital Image Watermarking Algorithm Resilient to Desynchornization Attacks, IEEE Trans. on Information Forensics and Security, 2007.
2. (Paper Link) A Feature-Based Robust Digital Image Watermarking Against Geometric Attacks, Image and Vision Computing, 2008.
3. (Paper Link) A novel image watermarking scheme against desynchronization attacks by SVR revision, Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, 2008.
4. (Paper Link) An SVM-based robust digital image watermarking against desynchronization attacks, Signal Processing, 2008.
5. (Paper Link) Invariant image watermarking using multi-scale Harris detector and wavelet moments, Computers and Electrical Engineering, 2010.
    Additional Background Reading Material
(Paper Link) A survey of RST invariant image watermarking algorithms, ACM Computing Surveys, 2007.


    Papers on Image Authentication (Semi-Fragile Watermarking):
    Preferred Papers
1. (Paper Link) A new semi-fragile image watermarking with robust tampering restoration using irregular sampling, Signal Processing and Image Communication, 2007.
2. (Paper Link) Perceptible content retrieval in DCT domain and semi-fragile watermarking technique for perceptible content authentication, WSEAS Transactions on Signal Processing, 2008.
   Optional Papers
1. (Paper Link) Semi-Fragile Watermarking for Image Authentication with High Tampering Localization Capability, Proc. of the 2nd Int. Cong. on Automated Production of Cross Media Content for Multi-Channel Distribution, pp. 143-152, 2006.


3. Object Detection (Face Detection/Recognition, Plate Detection/Recognition, Barcode Reader, Pedestrian Detection, etc.)

   Papers on Face Detection/Recognition:
1.(Paper Link) Fast Haar Transformation Based Feature Extraction for Face Representation and Recognition, IEEE Trans. on Information Forensics and Security, 2009.
2. (Paper Link) Real-Time Face Detection nad Motion Analysis with Application in "Liveness" Assessment, IEEE Trans. on Information Forensics and Security, 2007.
3. Frank Tyler James (Paper Link) Face Recognition Under Occlusions and Variant Expressions with Partial Similarity, IEEE Trans. on Information Forensics and Security, 2009.
    Papers on Plate Detection/Recognition:
1. Nathan Woods, Brian Forbis (Paper Link) A Cascade Framework for a Real-Time Statistical Plate Recognition System, IEEE Trans. on Information Forensics and Security, 2007.
2. (Paper Link) A configurable method for multi-style license plate recognition, Pattern Recognition, 2009.
3. (Paper Link) Automatic license plate recognition, IEEE Trans. on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2004.

Additional Background Reading Material
(Paper Link) License Plate Recognition From Still Images and Video Sequences: A Survey, IEEE Trans. on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2008.
    Papers on Barcode Detection/Recognition:
1. (Paper Link) Automated barcode recognition for smart identification and inspection automation, Expert Systems with Applications, 2007.
2. (Paper Link) Reading Challenging Barcodes with Cameras, IEEE Workshop on Applications of Computer, 2009.
    Papers on Pedestrian Detection:
1. (Paper Link) Histograms of Oriented Gradients for Human Detection, Proc. of Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2005.
2. (Paper Link) Towards Robust Pedestrian Detection in Crowded Image Sequences, Proc. of Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2007.
3. (Paper Link) Robust pedestrian detection and tracking in crowded scenes, Image and Vision Computing, 2009.

Additional Background Reading Material
1. (Paper Link) Monocular Pedestrian Detection: Survey and Experiments, IEEE Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 2009.
2. (Paper Link) Pedestrian Detection: A Benchmark, Proc. of Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2009.

Writing Guide

1. Writing Scientific Manuscripts (A Guide for Undergraduates)
2. Sample Presentation for Writing Scientific Manuscripts


Comprehensive Evaluation: Due by August 6

Final Check List

Final Check List


1. Tutorial 1: Mastering Matlab -- Matrix Notation
2. Tutorial 2: Mastering Matlab -- General Information and Several Programming Examples (Testing Data is: tools_bit.ascii)
3. A Matlab Example on Various Matrices
4. Sample REU Papers Accepted by the leading conferences
Refer to the list of papers published by REU participants.