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Associate Professor, Utah State University
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    mug shot     I am an Associate Professor, Associate Department Head, and Graduate Program Coordinator in the Department of Computer Science at Utah State University. I research and teach in the areas of database systems and programming languages. My interests include temporal databases, XML databases, data cubes, and providing support for proscriptive metadata. Prior to Utah State University, I was on the faculty at James Cook University, Bond University, and Washington State University, and I was a visiting professor at Aalborg University, I am a graduate of New College and obtained my Ph.D. from the University of Arizona under the direction of Richard T. Snodgrass. I was happy to be awarded the 2015 SIGMOD Contributions Award. I served as the the General co-Chair for SIGMOD 2014 with Feifei Li (University of Utah), the Program co-Chair for DASFAA 2014 with Sourav S. Bhowmick (NTU) and Christian S. Jensen (Aalborg University), as the Program co-Chair for TIME 2016 (with Michael Hansen and Luke Hunsberger), and currently serve as the Information Director for ACM Transactions on Database Systems, the Information Director for ACM SIGMOD, on the ACM SIGMOD Executive Committee, on the DASFAA 2018 PC, on the SIGMOD Demo 2018 PC, and on the EDBT 2018 PC.

The links to the left provide information on my research, teaching, and service.

If you are looking for my brother, he can be found (here | here | here), or (here | here), or here (I have lots of brothers).

The Internet Archive has some of my old pages: James Cook University, Aalborg University, Bond University, and Washington State University.

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