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Ashwani Chahal's Journey


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June 11, 2018 —Ashwani Chahal began his journey in the Computer Science department as a master's student in Fall 2016. Now he is employed by as a Senior Software Engineer. Here is what he has to say about his journey at USU:

Hi everyone,

I started my journey at USU in Fall 2016 and experienced the most wonderful 2 years of my life until I graduated in May 2018. I feel grateful to the Department of Computer Science for the opportunities I was provided with throughout my Master's program.

Ashwani Chahal

Based on my credentials, the CS department offered me a significant tuition waiver along with a Teaching Assistant job while admitting me into the Master's degree program. Not only it helped me manage my tuition expenses but also covered my living cost in Logan. Not to mention that Logan itself is a beautiful and an inexpensive city conducive to a relaxed environment required for a grad life.

During the 5 semesters I spent in USU, I attended 5 on-campus classes and 1 online class. Moreover, I got an opportunity to work on a research project under Professor Vladimir Kulyukin which helped me to grow technically and taught me to work alone outside a team under the mentorship of my advisor. I was also allowed to work out-of-campus during my Summer Internship at Micron Inc. for one semester.

Life at USU has helped me to grow both professionally and personally and I would, without any reservations, advise all the potential graduate students to choose Utah State College as their scholarly foundation.

Thank you,

Ashwani Chahal