Contact Details Research Areas

Dr. Vicki H. Allan

Associate Professor


Office Phone# (435) 797-2022
Location : Main 429

Multiagent Systems,
Automated Code Generation,
Parallel Algorithms,
Program optimization,
Analysis of algorithms,
Programming Languages.

Web Link: digital.cs.usu.edu/~allanv

Dr.Heng-Da Cheng

Dr. Heng-Da Cheng



Office Phone# (435) 797-2054
Location : Main 401(B)

Artificial Intelligence.

Web Link :digital.cs.usu.edu/~cheng/

Office Hours: 1pm - 2pm (MWF)

Dr. Jacob H. Christensen

Dr. Jacob H. Christensen

Adjunct Professor


Office Phone#: (435) 713-3081
Location : Main 414

Stephen W. Clyde

Associate Professor

Phone#: (435) 797-2307
Office: Main 418

Software engineering

Web link: www.stephenwclyde.com

Office Hours: 2:30 - 3:30pm (TR)

Linda DuHadway

Linda P. DuHadway

Senior Lecturer


Office Phone# (435) 797-2041
Location : Main 402(C)

Web Link:digital.cs.usu.edu/~lindad/

Office Hours: 10 - 11:15am (MWF)

Dr.Curtis Dyreson

Dr. Curtis Dyreson

Associate Professor


Office Phone# (435) 797-0742  
Location : Main 402(A)

Software Systems.

Web Link:digital.cs.usu.edu/~cdyreson/

Office Hours: 9 - 10:30am (TR)

Dr.Nicholas Flann

Dr. Nicholas Flann

Associate Professor


Office Phone# (435) 797-2432 
Location : Main 420

Computational Biology,
Intelligent Systems.

Web Link: digital.cs.usu.edu/~flann/index.html

Office Hours: 12:30 - 2pm (T)
10:30 - 12pm (W)
12:30 - 2pm (R)

Dr.Amanda Lee Hughes

Dr. Amanda Lee Hughes

Assistant Professor


Office Phone# (435) 797-3671
Location : Main 401(F)

Human-computer interaction (HCI);
human-centered computing (HCC);
computer supported cooperative work (CSCW);
participatory design;
social media; crisis informatics;
mobile technologies

Web Link: http://digital.cs.usu.edu/~amanda/

Office Hours: 12 - 1:30pm (MF)

Dr. Minghui Jiang

Associate Professor


Office Phone# (435) 797-0347
Location : Main 402(G)

Discrete and Computational Geometry,
Combinatorial Optimization,
Bioinformatics Algorithms.

Web Link: digital.cs.usu.edu/~mjiang/

Office Hours: 1:30 - 3pm (TR)

Dr.Vladimir Kulyukin

Dr. Vladimir Kulyukin

Associate Professor


Office Phone# (435) 797-1000
Location : Main 402(D)

Artificial Intelligence,
Assistive Technology.

Web Link: digital.cs.usu.edu/~vkulyukin/

Dr.Young-Woo Kwon

Dr. Young-Woo Kwon

Assistant Professor

Location : Main 421

Distributed Systems and Middleware
Mobile Applications
Energy Efficient Software
Automated Software Transformation

Home Page: http://digital.cs.usu.edu/~young

Office Hours: 3 - 4pm (TR)

Dr.Kyumin Lee

Dr. Kyumin Lee

Assistant Professor


Office Phone# (435) 797-8420
Location : Main 401(D)

Data Science
Data Mining
Social Media Mining
Big Data Analytics
Information Quality

Web Link: http://digital.cs.usu.edu/~kyumin/

Office Hours: 9:30 - 10:30am (TR)

Dr. Ming Li

Dr. Ming (Fred) Li

Assistant Professor


Office Phone# (435) 797-2336
Location : Main 435

Security in cyber-physical systems,
Wireless and mobile network security,
Security and privacy issues in
cloud computing.

Web Link :digital.cs.usu.edu/~mingli/

Office Hours:
10:30am - 11:00am (T)
10:30AM - 12:00am (R)

Dr.Tung Nguyen

Dr. Tung Nguyen

Assistant Professor


Office Phone# (435) 797-7634
Location : Main 401(C)

Software Engineering

Web Link :http://tungsoft.com 

Office Hours: By Appointment

Office Hours: 2 - 5pm (T)

Dr. Xiaojun Qi

Dr. Xiaojun Qi

Associate Professor


Office Phone# (435)797-8155
Location : Main 401(A)

Content-Based Image/Video Retrieval,
Digital Watermarking,
Digital Steganography/Steganalysis,
Image Processing and Pattern Recognition,
Computer Vision,Image Forensics,
Artificial Intelligence.

Web Link :digital.cs.usu.edu/~xqi/

Office Hours: 9:30 - 10:30am (T)
9 - 10am (MW)

Kenneth Sundberg

Adjunct Professor


Dr. Ming Li

Dr. Haitao Wang

Assistant Professor


Office Phone# (435) 797-2416
Location : Main 402(F)

Algorithms and data structures,
Computational geometry,
Computational biomedicine
Operations research.

Web Link :http://digital.cs.usu.edu/~hwang/

Office Hours: 10:20 - 11:20am (MWF)

Dr. Dan Watson

Dr. Dan Watson

Associate Professor
Department head


Office Phone# (435)797-2440
Location : Main 414(A)

Parallel and Distributed algorithms.

Web Link:digital.cs.usu.edu/~watson/watson/

Office Hours: 2 - 3pm (MWF)