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This section provides links to university and off-campus job opportunities.

Position Announcements

USU's Department of Computer Science is not currently taking applications for faculty positions.

For other professional opportunities at USU, visit the USU HR Office's Jobs Board.

Graduate Assistantships

Applications for graduate teaching and research assistant positions during Fall 2020 semester are closed. Please check back in 2021 to apply for future GTA and GRA positions.

Open Positions

Positions will be listed here when employers &/or community members let us know about a need. The CS Department at USU does not guarantee or endorse any of the claims made by the employers. See Aggie Handshake for more long-term positions.

  • Software engineers - new graduates or experienced engineers - read about openings at Frontier Scientific. Contact Tanner Watkins for more information or to submit your resume. Posted 9/17/2020
  • Design and build website for USU's Biological Engineering Department's work with Covid-19 monitoring. Apply through Aggie Handshake for job posting #3977630. Posted 9/17/2020
  • Create how-to videos about STEM subjects for Numerade. Work will be done remotely. Posted 4/2/2020

Resources for USU Students

On and off-campus jobs

The Aggie Handshake Job Board.

USU Career Services

Utah State University Career Services Homepage.

Job listings focused on Computer Science from ZipRecruiter

Find list of positions for Computer Scientists here.  You can also use their site and apply your own filters.

After college careers

This is a link to a great career resources.

 Current Job Market

Information about the current job market for scientists and engineering professions. Computer Scientists are in higher demand than most professions in our technologically enabled society. Details on the future of Computer Science and the job market.

Notices of Filings

In order to stay compliant with H-1B visa applications, it is required for a department sponsoring an employee to post a "Notice of Intent" in their department.

Computer Science Online Career Opportunities

Electronic Time Cards (Aggie Time)