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Undergraduate Assessment

Full Details of the learning objectives, assessment plan, student outcomes, and evidence of continuous improvement for these program of study can be found at this link:

Assessment Plan

The purpose of the Assessment and Continuous Improvement process for the Department of Computer Science is to improve the degree offered to our students, provide a continuous improvement to the curriculum offered, and to serve as the basis for our self-evaluation for accreditation. It is important to note that the department’s move from the College of Science to the College of Engineering in 2012, along with the ABET harmonization effort, has provided impetus for a complete re-structuring of the department’s assessment and evaluation strategies. For many of these new processes, assessment data is only now becoming available in a useful form, and so there is little historical data. Where possible, assessment data collected under the previous improvement paradigm is adapted to support the new process.

The actors in our continuous improvement process are:

  • Assessment Coordination Committee (ACC)
  • Department Head
  • Department Faculty
  • Industrial Advisory Committee (IAC)

Our evaluation process is based on using the following assessment data:

  • Course Direct Measures
  • Sophomore Seminar Exams
  • Senior Surveys/Exit Interviews
  • IAC Surveys

Advanced Standing Coursework and GPA Requirements Course Examinations and Homework
Industrial Advisory Board Course Evaluations Course Direct Measures
Undergraduate Proficiency Exams Senior Surveys/Exit Interviews  

Assessment is a major agenda item at many of the monthly faculty meetings. During these meetings, available assessment data are discussed and program changes are made as appropriate. At the yearly fall department retreat, assessment is a central agenda item. It is at this meeting that much of the summarized assessment information is presented and discussed. Decisions are made about the most appropriate and potentially beneficial changes to make.

Assessment oversight responsibilities for the department rest with the members of the assessment committee (Nicholas Flann, Steven Clyde), and the department head (Dan Watson).