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MS and MCS Graduate Supervisory Committee

Each graduate student has an advisor. New students are assigned a temporary advisor by the Department. After completing one semester, and having attended the seminar (CS 6900), a student should be able to decide what kind of research area he or she wants to work in, and who would be the best professor to supervise that research. The student should approach that professor with an idea of the research area, and possibly the topic, that the student would like to work on. If the professor agrees to accept the student, then the professor becomes the permanent advisor for the student.

Together, the permanent advisor and the student decide on other members of the graduate supervisory committee, which will supervise the rest of the student's graduate work. The student should approach each potential member and explain his or her plans, then ask that person to serve on the committee. The committee must then be approved by the Department head and the Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.

For students seeking a Master's degree, the committee consists of the major professor and two other faculty members, at least one of whom has to be in a research area different from that of the committee chair (permanent advisor).

This committee will approve the student's studies from that point on. Specifically, they will approve a Program of Studies, which lists the courses the student has and will take and the title of the student's dissertation, thesis, or report.