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The Department of Computer Science encourages its students to become involved in organizations to improve their knowledge of computer science.

Organizations such as ACM, ACMW and FSLC all have local chapters to increase the knowledge of their respective members.

Other national organizations such as OSG, IEEE and AACE are encouraged to set up local chapters to increase the understanding of computer science at Utah State.

The Department of Computer Science offers as much help and support as needed for these organizations to aid in their learning and activities.

July 2017 International RoboSub Competition
RoboSub team members design, build, and program a robotic submarine each year. Student team members are from several different departments in the College of Engineering, including Computer Science. In July 2017, USU's RoboSub team qualified for the semi-finals round in the International RoboSub Competition - congratulations!

Contact RoboSub team here
Nathan Copier, Co-President
Rachel Wall, Co-President
Visit their website

ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) is a national organization which promotes computer machinery at USU.
Contact ACM Club here
TJ Ferrell, President Fall 2017
Josh Dawson, President Spring 2018

ACM-W (Association for Computing Machinery for Women) is the women's chapter of ACM.
Contact ACM-W Club here
Bridget Lundahl, President 
Rachel Clark, Vice President
Ember Clark, Secretary

FSLC (Free Software and GNU/Linux Club) is a community of professionals and students that love computing and strive for a better computing world.
Contact: Austin Derbique, FSLC President

HackUSU is bringing the hacker culture to our campus, community, and state through hackathons and other evernts.

Contact HackUSU here
Haley Manning, President (thru Nov 2017)
Andrew Aposhian, Vice President

USUSA Esports was made to be an enviornment in which gamers of all skill levels and interests can meet together to build relationships, increase skills, and discover new interests together. We wish to bring a fun and competitive environment for all Esprots fans and players in Utah State University. Find out more about USUSA Esports at their website.
Contact USUSA Esports here
Victor Davila, President
Ivan Quezada, Vice President