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Graduate Program Assessment

The Master of Computer Science Degree is a graduate program with 15 faculty members whose research expertise falls in the following areas: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Multi-Agent Systems, Data Science and Systems, Software Engineering and Systems, Computer Security, Theoretical Computer Science, and Parallel/Distributed Algorithms and Systems. This degree is available to students with a computer science undergraduate degree or adequate prior computer science course work. Students may pursue Plan A (Thesis), Plan B (Report), or Plan C (Coursework) to achieve their degree. Plan A students must complete a total of thirty graduate credits, including six credits of CS6970. Plan B students must complete a total of thirty-four graduate credits, including two or three credits of CS6970. Plan C students must complete a total of thirty-seven graduate credits, with no CS6970 credits.

The Ph.D. Degree in Computer Science is also offered by the department.