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Undergraduate Information

Virtually all businesses, industry and government organizations, at all levels, have an increasing need for persons capable of working on software. We offer five emphases in the undergraduate computer science degree, for a more complete, individualized education.

Four-Year Degree Plans:

Software Development Emphasis

Digital Systems Emphasis

Bioinformatics Emphasis

Science Emphasis

Bachelor's Degree
The Computer Science Department at Utah State University offers a Bachelor's Degree in four different emphases.

Because computing permeates nearly every profession, a minor in Computer Science is ideal for almost any major.

5-Year BS/MS
The Department of Computer Science has an option for undergraduates who plan to immediately obtain a Master's degree after completing their Bachelor's degree.

Course Offerings
Check out which CS courses you'd like to take by browsing the course descriptions, credit hours and prerequisites.

Course Challenge by Examination


Scholarships go through the College of Engineering Advising Office. See here for more information.