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Thesis Style Guides for Computer Science

Graduate students at USU are answerable to two separate format/style guides.

First is the School of Graduate Studies' Publication Guide.

Because it governs many of the formatting aspects of a thesis, all students -- but especially students who use Word -- are strongly encouraged to refer to this document as they write and format their theses. All students are strongly encouraged to attend a Thesis/Dissertation Workshop sponsored by the School of Graduate Studies.

The second format/style students are answerable to is determined by their respective departments. Individual departments have jurisdiction over stylistic elements not covered in the Publication Guide. In Computer Science, the department requires its dissertations, theses, and reports to use the IEEE Transactions citation reference. The guide for IEEE citations can be found at

LaTeX Info:

In the preparation of their work, students may use any appropriate document preparation software (e.g., Word, Pages, OpenOffice, LaTeX) so long as the Graduate School and Department Guideline are met; however, the use of LaTeX and BibTeX is strongly encouraged, due to the availability of macros specifically tuned to USU and IEEE Transactions citations. Students unfamiliar with LaTeX may wish to use as a helpful starting place. To help with the preparation of theses and dissertations, two example documents (.zip files for each) are provided for students to use in the preparation of their own work:
Example Ph.D. Dissertation
Example M.S. Thesis
Example M.S. Plan B Report
Each of these use the most recent version of the USU thesis latex macros: usuthesis.cls
and the IEEE Transactions BibTex style, the macros for which can be found at
where the specific link for the macros is